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Re: wood stove near furnace

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Posted by Starsky on November 04, 2007 at 18:12:42:

In Reply to: Re: wood stove near furnace posted by HeatPro on November 02, 2007 at 12:30:45:

: : I live in a 2 story colonial(built 1994) with a walkout basement effectively making it a 3 story. The original owner/builder put in a monster chimney with three flues. 1 for the 1st floor fireplace, 1 for the furnace and one for a possible woodsove in the basement.

: ++As you describe it, without knowing the materials the chimney is made of, having an individual flue for each appliance so none share a flue; all is correct.

: What the effect of having one or more running at the same time upon the draft would depend on adequate entry of combustion air for all of them when they operate. At least a combustion air vent from the outside near the oil burner of adequate size would provide air for that appliance. Using a fireplace and another wood stove might require you to open windows or additional combustion air inlet vents near them to assure adequate air to prevent smoky backdrafts while also using them.

Yes.3 separate flus-none shared.Is a combustion air vent just mounted on the exterior wall
like an attic vent, or is it attatched to the burner? I have a Beckett burner and several years ago someone mentioned a "Direct Vent" for a different issue, is that the same thing? Is the combustion vent mechanically controled or just open and close like a dryer vent? So with this it doesnt matter how close the 2 units are...in other words,a hot stove won't effect the furnace?

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