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old expansion tank - new boiler

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Posted by Jim on November 01, 2007 at 22:11:11:

Last March, my 84 year old mother paid a man $8,200 to replace her 60 year old boiler with a weil mclain gold tankless and a superstore water heater. He did. But he left the old expansion tank, a 4' long drum hanging from the ceiling between two joists directly over the boiler. he didn't replace the gate valve with the missing knob feeding it either. Since the day he installed the boiler, it's spit water from the pressure relief valve; 1 - 2 gallons a day in heating season. The installer said the old expansion tanks are better than the new ones. He didn't move the oil line from under the slab to above ground either but that's another post. Anyway. Today I called him about the spitting and he came over and using a wrench, closed the gatevalve with the missing know, opened the hose bib on the expansion tank and drained about 13 gallons of water out of the expansion tank. (I dumped it.) For this he charged me $60. He also adjusted the pressure gauge from 30 to 40 psi, so that it can't blow till the pressure reaches 40lbs. My mother didn't get a contract but shouldn't he be responsible for replacing the expansion tank should it fill up with water again and prove itself to be useless? I mean it was doing the same thing when we had the old boiler. Is it true that the old expansion tanks can go forever. Is it harmful to the boiler if the expansion tank is full and the expansion is all discharging? Can I demand that he replace it. It hasn't been a year since he put the boiler in.

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