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Re: Aqua Booster vs. Indirect Water Heater

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Posted by Peter on January 30, 2007 at 13:43:26:

In Reply to: Re: Aqua Booster vs. Indirect Water Heater posted by HeatPro on January 30, 2007 at 13:28:10:

Thanks so much for the advise.

: +++ Install a good Holby mixing valve as part of the installation investment cost. Water should be stord hot enough to kill bacteria over 150F; which is too high to have coming out of a tap. You get more capacity; but also stay healthy.

so a tank smaller than 80 would not be sufficient even with the mixing valve?

: +++ A Weil Gold indirect heater has a stainless-steel jacket, not a coil, so it has more surface that resists liming. They also have large heat recovery ratings.

what kind of lifespan can be expected with these? is a coil type not recommended? if the lifespans are similar i would try to save $ on the upfront cost. it seems a ss jacket would be quite a bit more $ but if it lasts a lot longer then i guess it makes sense in the long run.

: But, they might not be carried locally. Get a unit that most people in the area use because they have supplier support and the plumbers like them because they have little trouble and know them well.

this is a great idea, but of course i have to weed out those just trying to sell what they carry regardless if it is what i may really need or what will do the job appropriately. :)
that's why an unbiased opinion is worth so much in this type of research.

after i get some specifics i will repost with some choices so maybe you would be willing to advise.

thanks again so much for all your responses.

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