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Re: Worcester-Bosch Condensing boiler

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Posted by John on January 29, 2007 at 12:56:04:

In Reply to: Worcester-Bosch Condensing boiler posted by John on January 26, 2007 at 16:47:11:

Had the gas engineer out this morning, carried out a flow test and fiddled with the taps to control the flow. He said "combi boiler I would not have one, always trouble with baths and getting the flow right".

The water was hottish, although by the time the bath was filled with water the bath was cooling rapidly. He knew and said it was'nt perfect although in his opinion the boiler was working correctly?

Took him downstairs and showed him the control panel at maximum, I asked him what would happen if I used the other lower settings and he said "You would not get any hot water".

Me "So I have a boiler with economy settings I cannot use"

Engineer "Yes"

Me "Will you put that in your report that it is not fit for the job?"

Engineer "No I can only say it is working okay as I am an engineer and my personal views cannot come into it"

Finally received a report saying the boiler was working but customer was not happy.

Called salesman who is going to visit me this week with his manager.

Apparently you can get condensing boilers and keep the storage tank, surely this would have been a better option as I have no shower fitted?

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