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Multiple Zones with new Weil McLean CGA-6

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Posted by rjm on December 06, 2006 at 11:01:27:

Please bear with me as these may seem like stupid questions. I am not exactly sure if I have a problem or not but let me portray the situation.

I just had a new Weil McLean CGA-6 boiler installed. The system is piped for multiple zones (3) through the house with separate thermostats and circulators for each zone.

1) The main thermostat - zone A - (which controls the firing of the boiler - I've been told only the 1 thermostat provides this control and the other thermostats which are wired to relays and circulators merely maintain the heated water running through their zone as long as the thermostat calls for it).

2) If I have the main thermostat - zone A - set at a low temperature (let's say 64) and another thermostat - zone B - set in the house for a higher temperature (let's say 68), the circulator for zone B turns on but the room temp never reaches the thermostat setting - it seems to stay close to the setting in zone A and never exceeds it. I never see the boiler fire in response to any thermostats except for zone A, nor do I see the boiler fire if the water in the system gets to a lower temperature. Does this seem to be working properly? It seems to me that I have 1 zone heating not multiple zones.

My questions are:
1) Is it true that the boiler is only controlled by the 1 thermostat or can it be fired by multiple thermostats?

2) Does the system seem to be working properly based on situation 2 above?

3) Is there no low water temperature limit on the Weil McLean which would cause the boiler to fire when the temperature of the water dropped below a certain temperature. I see the upper limit but I do not see a lower limit (such as I had on my old antiquated boiler taht I replaced).

4) Any suggestions/ideas on what the problem may be and how we can remedy the situation.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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