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Re: Weil Mclain WGO-4

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Posted by dale on November 28, 2006 at 08:12:03:

In Reply to: Re: Weil Mclain WGO-4 posted by HeatPro on November 27, 2006 at 20:56:22:

All good points, however I am investigating to be sure this 3 year old boiler, that was functioning perfectly before being replaced for a gas system when the homeowner was offered gas at their location, is in fact nearly new with no known problems. The PRO installers I have spoken to stress they will only warranty their install work and not the boiler, this is a risk I know I am taking. Removing my current Utica boiler and replacing with the Weil Mclain is quite straight forward and I have professional prices to do that.
I am looking to compare what prices I am looking at to justify buying a used unit. If the savings is significant and the risk appears marginal there is a decision to be made. Not everyone can afford Pro installers marking up NEW boilers and passing along factory warranties. So I am wondering what a 3 year old, apparently perfect Weil Mclain WG0-4 is valued at compared to what it retails for NEW, the price a PRO installer would pay at a dealer?
Thanks HeatPro
: : 1.)Looking for the value of the unit when purchased NEW with a warranty?
: +++ There is no value of the unit unless it is installed by a pro who buys it from a supplier, so question number two wouldn't happen with a wise installer, as he has experience to know that a madman would sue him for installing a boiler that has a problem.

: You can get a list price from the nearest supplier of the boiler, most likely from the supplier that the installer would buy it. However, that means absolutely nothing until you get a completely-installed boiler into a system price. That could be anywhere from 5 to $15,000 depending upon what is required (removal, installation, completion.) Ask them to break down the boiler price, the piping prices, and the installation labor costs - then see if they come back. In other words, get estimates from three installers first, then you can make up imaginary rules about how much an installation company deserves for installing it for you.

: While you are at it, explain to them that you plan to get a used boiler and you want to know how much they will install it for. If they come back, then they are plain stupid and careless, or might give a price, take the check and leave the state. A diligent installer won't take the legal responsibility for installing junk.

: http://www.heatpro.us/service/argues.htm

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