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indirect heater and mixing valve

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Posted by Ronald G. Scalzo on November 25, 2006 at 14:27:04:

I have an 40 gallon indirect water heater working off a burnham revolution boiler utilizing a Taco 007, priority. I have the heater's aquastat set to 115 degrees which we find works well for my household. ie: we can't scald ourselves, dishes and clothes are getting cleaned etc. I set it at 115 for the reasons listed and to also save on fuel.

The one "small" problem (more of a nuisance) is when we fill our Jucuzzi she'll run out of hot water before the water level gets above the jets. We have to wait 10 minutes and then we can get the level over the jets.

I was told by a tech that some agency (i forget who) recommends that the minimum setting should be 120 and they have now changed that to be 130 degrees so that there is no chance of germs, legionaires disease and other problems like that arising.

His advice was to install a mixing valve and expansion tank on the water heater and then set it to 160 degrees. He said then there is no germ problem and the whirlpool should fill in one shot. He also said even though you are keeping the heater at 160 I'll most likely use the same amt. of gas or possibly very very little more. I think my heater drops 1/2 degree /hr according to the Alliance specs.

Do you think this is worth doing and will it work? He also said that a separate expansion tank also be installed, something to do with the house water pressure and water meter. I have a water regulator installed on the main that he was not aware of which we keep at 60. thank you...

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