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Burnham Revolution Boiler Efficiency

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Posted by Ronald G. Scalzo on November 25, 2006 at 00:05:39:

I live in Easton, PA and had a 2400 sq. ft ranch built in 2004. Maybe you can help me out before I spend anymore $$$$$$$.

I have the Burnham Revolution RV5. I have 3 zones and my 4th zone is an Burnham Alliance indirect heater, all zones attached with taco 007 circulators. I use slant fin high output baseboard. I didn't have an exact heat/loss calc when I built my home but had one that was done quickly and came to be 84,000 BTU heat loss.

The plumber wanted to install a Revolution RV6 but I insisted on an RV5 based on the heat/loss calc. As I see my usage over the last 2 years I think I'm using too much gas compared with similar (but smaller) ranches in my development using hot air furnaces. I used 1114 cub. ft from 09/05-08/06. I have a gas dryer, cooktop and gas barbecue.

So I complained to both Burnham and my HVAC. In the meantime I find out that an exact heat loss was done to my home by the HVAC company that installed the central air. They used a computer program based on ACCA manual J 7th ed. They came up with a 48,000 btu heatloss. The rv5 has a net output of 99,000 btu. Apparently I'm way oversized. The plumber's argument for trying to get me to install an even larger boiler was trying to size the boiler by the DHW load instead of the building heat/loss.

Also just found out that 2 of my burners inside the RV5 were off their gas orifices since the original install, so she was only firing with 5 burners. Gas was just shooting out of the other two. Since 11/09 I seem to be using less gas but surprisingly not much. Not enough time to make accurate estimate on that.

Burnham techs came to my home on 11/9/06. This is what they advise. They checked with their engineers and I can change the gas orifices to a smaller size (rv5 has .45 and I can change to .48.) The Burnham tech advised to install an outdoor reset. Some have suggested that the tekmar 260 works well with the Burnham Revolution. However this tech suggested to use the Taco PC702 which is a two stage outdoor reset. He believes it will work better with the Revolution. I am going to have this work performed in December at a cost of $1200.

My question is does anyone know if an outdoor reset and especially the Taco 702 works with the Burnham Revolution? There is much controversy about the 210 degree water temp, and primary/secondary injector type system that the Revolution utilizes and how effective an outdoor reset is with the Revolution. BTW, my tacos are on the supply side. I heard on this boiler this is critical. Any additional info is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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