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Re: Taco Air Scoop and Vent

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Posted by HeatPro on November 05, 2006 at 22:19:40:

In Reply to: Taco Air Scoop and Vent posted by Mike on November 05, 2006 at 21:02:58:

At the boiler, there is a Taco air scoop installed with an (automatic??) air vent mounted on top of it. This vent is closed, and the tech said it should be closed unless we hear noise. Then we should temporarily open it.
+++ Good advice.

: Is this correct? Shouldn't it be open to allow air to be released from the system?
+++ Yes, when you hear the noise, air got in the system (not through the open air scoop). Then it is time to let it out and there is none to get out until you hear the noise because a leak let it in.

How would the air scoop work if the vent is closed?
+++ An air scoop is like a fattened piece of pipe with a baffle that collects air in the extra space above. It works by bubbles floating up into the extra space. That's why it looks like a bulge.

I am thinking it should be open for a month or two at least to make sure all of the air is purged??
+++ The square wheel has already been invented. Think that it should be closed until air actually gathers there, instead of thinking that it should be open so air could be mixed into the water in the vent float area by the law of partial pressures.

Then close it?? Or should it be always closed?
+++ It should always be closed until letting air out for the few minutes needed. That way, it doesn't leak in a year or so.

: thanks,
: Mike

You are welcome.


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