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Boiler fiasco

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Posted by Jennifer on November 01, 2006 at 09:49:33:

I don't know where else to turn. We have a dearth of boiler professionals where I am located. The tech that normally worked on our boiler is no longer with the company and now everything has gone horribly wrong. We have an older Teledyne Laars system that was in the house when we purchased it. We've had a few issues with the system and had various parts replaced (backflow valve, pressure gauge, thermocoupler) Every year we have it checked and it was finally running fine. We received the ok from the tech this year, September. Towards the end of October I had them back out to replace a PVC line running from the Main water line, the seal was leaking & they replaced with copper. The line ran from the backflow valve to the rest of the piping. Then the tech says my pressure is to high, he opened up the system (i.e. drained water from one of the valves) and messed around with the pressure reducing valve (the bell shaped thing) Now they tell me I have harmonics due to build up (which I didn't have until he removed the water from the system - so this happened in a span of 10 minutes) so unless I spend $800 having the coils put into an acid bath the harmonics won't go away. Then the overflow (the pipe that runs down the side that expels water if the pressure gets to high) started leaking & they've replaced that. Now the system doesn't work at all, it shot water out of the overflow & now my expansion tank is full to the top & I'm being told that needs to be replaced. What on earth is wrong with it & what did this tech do. I had a perfectly fine system and now everything's gone to crud. I'm at my wits end and there is no one else to call (they're a rep for the company)


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