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Re: boil out needed for brand new boiler?

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Posted by HeatPro on October 22, 2006 at 22:42:18:

In Reply to: Re: boil out needed for brand new boiler? posted by Pete on October 22, 2006 at 21:43:43:

: Thanks for the quick reply- a couple of follow up questions:

: 1. If I've removed the safety valve and I'm draining it from there while heating the water, how do I make sure it doesn't get out of hand (and stop it when I'm done...)? Will water/oil only come out from the top when I add make-up water?
+++ Yes.

Do I need to lower the gas pressure to the boiler to keep it in check that way?
+++ No, 100,000 btuh of input will only boil away 1 gallon of water in an hour.

: 2. How would I go about blocking the return path?
+++ the condensate connection is broken at the floor by the riser to the Hartford loop.

Wouldn't it be adequate to simply open the condensate valve while running the system and run that over to a drain?
+++ Depends on where the condensate drain is. You don't want to drain the boiler.

Do I need to be adding a lot of make up water while doing this to keep it from running dry?
+++ To repeat, it only requires a little more than a gallon an hour. Running 2 gallons per hour should be all that's needed.(a bucket full)

: 3. Assuming that all goes well- do I need to add some preservative type chemicals in the water? I've heard of people putting antifreeze in boilers but that sounds dubious to me.
+++ Remember that you have a steam boiler; every week you drain the boiler some and the sight glass, so you lose any chemicals. The boiler manufacturer usually recommends no chemicals. Some may recommend trisodium phosphate.

Antifreeze is for sealed system water boilers.

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