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Re: New Boiler or New Windows?

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Posted by HeatPro on October 20, 2006 at 10:28:56:

In Reply to: Re: New Boiler or New Windows? posted by jean on October 20, 2006 at 10:14:35:

: " 2) Flush the boiler through the waist valve
: every 2 weeks or so. Caution water sludge will
: be HOT."

: Wow, that was not something the repair guy mentioned I should do. Does this sludge come out somewhere?

+++ IT comes out all over the floor, unless you put a pan under it and dump the pan when full.

How do I know which valve is the waist valve? The water valve is easy to spot, it's red and stands out from everything else.

+++ As this has nothing to do with skirts and bias, it is a WASTE valve.

As there are many hundreds of thousands of boilers in houses made by different manufacturers and models, a waste valve isn't usually in the same location, so people can't tell you where it is without seeing it. Wherever it is - it is attached to the boiler at the bottom where the dirt collects. A plumber can tell you when he's there.


: I'm gonna replace the windows and put new vinyl wood grain. I think they will be worth the money with the energy saved and increase the value of the house. Not to mention they'll look nice. My current windows have been painted 100 times and rattle when the wind blows if the storm windows aren't shut. I was gonna do them anyway but have decided to do them pre-winter now so I can start saving sooner. Besides, my boyfriend works for a home improvement co and can get the windows at a discounted price.

: Thanks for the replies, guys. I'll ride this boiler out until I HAVE to get a new one.

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