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boiler insulation fallen onto burners

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Posted by cam on October 17, 2006 at 17:56:56:

we just had our relatively new Weil McLain boiler (installed new in spring of 2002) cleaned and 'tuned up' for winter today. the technician told me he'd found a piece (about 2" by 8") of insulation on top of the boiler's burners, evidently it'd fallen off the rest of the piece of insulation within the front panel of the boiler. he had to open the boiler up and remove the remainder of the large rectangle of insulation! he has spoken with Weil McLain and they had little to say other than they don't know why this happened, the insulation should be replaced ASAP, and the insulation itself will cost $140.

has anyone ever heard of this happening to a boiler? any thoughts on why it might happen and whether it could happen again? the replacement part will take 1-2 weeks to arrive--in the meantime is it safe to run the boiler?

i called the company that installed the boiler and they had little to say also, other than that the warranty for the parts of the boiler ended at one year. also, it will cost about $150 to install the new insulation.

therefore, total cost is around $300+ to repair a part that never should have come off, that is not making sense as to why it happened in the first place, and that poses a fire risk until repaired.

help! any thoughts, suggestions, comments?

thank you much, cam

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