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Posted by HeatPro on October 09, 2006 at 10:59:38:

In Reply to: Heatpro...RE previous post posted by pete on October 09, 2006 at 10:15:18:

: This seemed to help (about 95% reduction in shake) at about 18 PSI (cold pressure - when heating it gets to 20 PSI).
+++ good. you're getting to reduce the shaking.

I am a little nervous (not very handy) about messing with fill switch so could I leave it at set at 12?
+++ It's not a problem to leave the PRV at 12 psig. What happens is that to establish the higher pressure, some water is forced into the boiler side which makes the diaphragm under greater pressure so the diaphragm is at 18 psig. It has the good point of adding a little extra water to the system so there is a margin of reserve for small water loss.

I have the valve in the water line leading to the fill switch turned off (since I read posts in here saying to do so and that it is not a good plan to leave it open)so it really wont need filling?
+++ It really won't need filling if there are no leaks in the system, so leaving the feed CLOSED can warn you of a leak that MUST be fixed to prevent corroding the boiler with fresh water oxygen. When the pressure drops below 16 psig, you are best to start searching for the drip rather than letting the entire city water reservoir pass through the leak to remain unaware of the new leak. A hint of a leak would be renewed shaking of the system.

Also what about the expansion tank is than an issue now since it was pre-charged at 12?
+++ As above, no problem. If the pressure relief valve doesn't open because the pressure never exceeds 25 psig throughyout the year, all is well.


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