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Re: Replacement Boiler Questions

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Posted by HeatPro on October 08, 2006 at 20:10:22:

In Reply to: Replacement Boiler Questions posted by Alan on October 02, 2006 at 21:08:36:

Questions that I have are:
: Should I ask for Outdoor Reset as part of the controls?
: Should I consider breaking the house into 2 zones (main floor and upstairs).

+++ If you do, it would no longer operate the same as the old gravity system, and no longer have a need for the large piping in the system.

: What are the key questions I should be asking heating contractor?
Those are key questions you should ask.

Another set of questions you should ask:
What experience does the installer have with replacement into gravity systems.

As gravity systems were installed over 60 years ago, the experienced installer-designers of the systems are dead.

Certain problems occur with new boilers in gravity systems. New boilers can be in condensing mode for significant days of the year and cast-iron boilers don't do well having water run down inside them corroding the metal. New boilers are not built like the old boilers that used to be made for gravity systems, so manufacturers recommend the boiler be piped into a loop-subloop piping arrangement to allow the boiler to be over 140F while the gravity system doesn't have to be that warm much of the year. The installer has to know the difference and what to do about them.

The new Peerless condensing oil boiler or Monitor condensing oil boiler wouldn't have as careful a problem.

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