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Re: New boiler quote

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Posted by Al Gregory on March 07, 2006 at 16:47:19:

In Reply to: Re: New boiler quote posted by Dave on February 20, 2006 at 14:38:22:

4500 is a common price for a new boiler installed. Does the boiler have a tankless coil also. Will you get a new oil line and extrol tank. Lots a variables to consider. Some will use everything they can over again and some will cut out everything from the cieling down for the same price.

: : : :the boiler its self is about 1700$ so is either one overpriced .

: : Call around and see if there is a company that has survived for a year while doing installations for the cost of the boiler alone. Let us know if you find companies that don't have to pay their bills; it will save fortunes for DIY's who have never owned a business themselves. There are some recent immigrants who will bring their tools in a wheelbarrow to assemble it.

: Racist comments aside, a license in HVAC or plumbing isn't a carte blanc to take advantage of a consumer. When our boiler died mid-winter a few years ago, 4/5 of the plumbers that looked at the system were scam artists, at least three of which had been registered with the local BBB for 15+ years. I had the luxury (that most consumers don't) of knowing that a competent professional would need to take a walk around and do some calculations before provding a quote for a new boiler. Only one of the plumbers did this, and this same plumber provided multiple quotes for different options, with a break-down of equipment and labor.

: One must acknowledge the vast number of dishonest plumbers/contractors out there compared to the honest ones. It's a sad reality. Some would have the consumer assume a 'professional' is honest until proven guilty - but the reality is, unfortunately, the opposite.

: So, yes - charging 2X the cost of a boiler for installation seems too high, unless of course that cost includes more than just the boiler.

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