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Re: efficient oil furnace

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Posted by keith g on February 16, 2004 at 11:17:53:

In Reply to: Re: efficient oil furnace posted by Harold hydronicnetwork.net on February 16, 2004 at 09:44:06:

Messed up posting a response...
That is 1800 square feet.

one would wonder how you can judge the insulation quality without knowing the max design temp and square footage of glass etc.
With a max delta t of 65 degrees, without the numbers right in front of me I think I needed more than 45kbtu net, so a gross number of 50 something, round up to 60 seems appropriate.

Monitor only has one unit and it seems rather pricey for the efficiency gain. Water heaters are hard to compare directly to furnaces, since they frequently aren't listed with AFUE numbers. I come to understand that AFUE is not everything, so my question remains, how to compare these different units.
Specific recommendations would be appreciated.

What other factors come into play with real world efficency? heat exchanger capacity, external resets, lots of other things I know nothing about and find it difficult to put a value on.

A separate [propane] tankless probably only costs a few hundred more installed than a high end insulated tank unit, so will it pay for itself in keeping a smaller heating burner?

: If an 800 square foot area has a heat load of 60,000 btuh, move out to someplace that doesn't have a heat loss 3 times today's insulation standard, or insulate it to today's standard. There isn't much sense in paying an extra $1000 per year in fuel.

: Doing so would make it able to be heated by another Monitor, Toyostove, Bock water heater, or other efficient boiler. Most oil heaters are about 85% efficient this year; 2 percent in fuel won't break you; but keeping you building as poorly insulated as it is could.

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