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Air vent replace...HELP

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Posted by Pete on February 02, 2006 at 09:31:12:

I have a hot water heating system. It has three zones (two upstairs one downstairs - downstairs is where the boiler is. The supply line from the boiler splits into three zones controlled by automatic zone valves. AFter leaving the zone valves the pipes go directly vertical about 4 feet to a reducing "T". The larger part of the "T" then goes horizontal to supply the radiators on that loop. The "reduced" part of the "T" is actually above (elevationwise) the line with an AMtrol air vent screwed in. My Amtrol AIr Vent is leaking (a very little amount) from where the top part connects to the main chamber...not the part the air comes out. I tried to tighten it , but no help. The leaking one is on the basement loop so I "think" it is actually the higest point of that zone loop.

My question is, after shutting off the basement zone (I have ball valves on both ends of the loop which will isolate it from the other zones AND isolate it from the cold water fill and the expansion tank) can I quickly unscrew the defective one...screw in a relacement...only losing a little water due to 12 pounds of beginning pressure in the loop - yet no pressure tank/cold fill to replace the water while I work) and NOT GET A BUNCH OF AIR IN THE SYSTEM thus causing a airlock. AFter repalcement I would open up ball valves and allow the cold fill to replace lost water and all will be well?? I have no vents on the radiators themselves. The only vents are in the design I mentioned before, and one coming out of the boiler itself, and one on an airscoop (attached to the expansion tank) on the supply side of the boiler

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