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"open" radiant heat system

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Posted by Derek on January 10, 2006 at 12:59:49:

I put an addition on my house. The new bathroom will be at the opposite end of the house and 2 fllors away from the indirect water heater, (over 75 feet away).
It's gonna take forever to get hot water to the new bathroom.
I thought about circulating the hot water but it would need substantial re-plumbing in a finished basement (not very attractive.
I thought about an electric water heater (just as unattractive).
I plan on putting in radiant heat under the floor.
I stumbled across a website that designes and sells these systems including one that is open. With this system (which uses an indirect water heater or heat exchanger, pex pipe and a stainless circulator)
the radiant heat water is also the ddomestic hot water.
This type of system would solve my problem, but I feel I need some expert advice here. Have you ever heard this? My building inspector looked at me cross-eyed when I mentioned it. There are no check valves, so the water is not supposed not stagnate in the summer due to a limited amount of gravity circulation.
Are there any other concerns that I may have missed?
What about Connecticut state codes?

Thanks in advance

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