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Re: Normal Slantfin Operating Temp?

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Posted by Ron on December 19, 2005 at 08:17:27:

In Reply to: Normal Slantfin Operating Temp? posted by Alex on December 16, 2005 at 17:23:09:

It is safe to run the baseboard at 200 - 210 but may not be required. The correct temp setting is as low as you can and still heat the house. You state the settings are 120 - 150 with a 10 diff. The Diff temp should aways be set all the way up to avoid short cycling of the burner(s). If this heats the house that is fine but I am concerned about boiler condensation.
Condensation ocures when the average boiler temperature is below 140. This condensation is full of acids (byproducts of combustion) and are very corrosive to the iron or steel. The metal must be dry by the time the boiler shuts off. Saying that I think the temp settings are a little low. I would probably set them at 140 & 180 with a diff setting of 20-25. Does this boiler supply your domestic hot water? If not why maintain any water temperature at all? Maintaining water temperature when not needed is a big waste of fuel. I know in a certain part of the country they will argue this point but the rest of the country including Alaska will cold start just about everything today without a problem.
As far as over riding the aquastat setting, the control may be going bad. One question, is the sensing bulb all the way back into the aquastat well? This will change the way the control senses the water temp. The bulb must be bottomed out in the well.

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