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Re: peerless boiler

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Posted by joe on December 16, 2005 at 04:37:44:

In Reply to: Re: peerless boiler posted by HeatPro on December 15, 2005 at 11:30:35:

: The only purpose for focing the water in would be to check that the pressure relief valve works. This is a good idea in the summer, when the valve can be replaced if it gets dirt in the seat.

: There is no evaporation going on inside good cast-iron, copper of metal sealed systems, so no need to introduce corrosion and lime by adding water with that in it.

: The regulator is there to allow water to be added after servicing when water was removed. It is mistakenly left open because plumbers don't understand the point that there is no need to have water fed to the system unles there is a leak. The proper control to make sure there is a water problem is a low water cutoff to prevent the burner from funning until the leak is fixed. Having water availble to pop water in at the wrong time while the boiler is red hot is an occasion to cause an explosion. Not having the pressure reducing valve open and having a low water cutoff is safe. You will get bubble noises in the system a LOOONG time before you get to low water in a system with the pipes above the boiler, which is most of them. A system with the pipes below the boiler REQUIRES the installer to use a low water cutoff.

Heatpro, when summer comes I will do that to clear anything that could be there. When I do lift that lever no water will go into system so inside boiler pressure wont go up. So how do I know the valve has closed after I have lifted it? Also how would any sedimant work thru if water wont go in system since it is full? And do I have to wait until boiler is cooled down to a certain tempeture this summer before I would do that? Remember my boiler runs all yearround. Oh I looked at it close last night. You said there is a coil inside for water to be heated for your spigot. The main water out of boiler with the heated water goes to the heating of the house and to a hot water holding tank to at the same time, but there is one of the zone valves there to let hot water in the tank from boiler when it asks for it. So does that mean then that fresh water is going into boiler to be used for heating the house. I just dont see any seperation of the hot water going. But that holding tank for hot water does have a fresh water feed to it also. Does that mean that the hot water from boiler is just circulating around a coil in that holding tank to heat up water for spigots?

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