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Re: cold radiators in 1 pipe steam system

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Posted by Ryan on November 17, 2005 at 09:36:29:

In Reply to: cold radiators in 1 pipe steam system posted by Jason Ruiter on November 16, 2005 at 23:09:43:

Trouble shoot it by unscrewing the vent on a non-hot radiator, firing the boiler, and waiting for steam. Guard against burns. Obviously, if you get steam, you've got bad vents. If you still get no steam, yank out your wallet! =) House I just moved into was a similar disaster.

BTW, Home Depot has adjustable vents on their website for $8.50 or so, which is a steal compared to the $30 for a Hoffman 1A or a Dole your local contractor will ask for.

Also, your adjustable vents are set backwards from what you describe. You want FAST at the end and SLOW at the front of the loop. Unless you typed this wrong, this could be half the problem. You're choking off the far radiators ability to vent themselves.


: Greetings,

: I have a 1 pipe steam system with cast iron radiators. Single floor home, 6 radiators total.

: The first two radiators in the loop work fine. The others don't get any heat. Even the supply pipe is cold about 1/2 way around the steam loop.

: I've checked the vents on all the radiators. There're set to "fast" at the beginning of the loop and gradually go slower near the end.

: I had the main vent replaced last year.

: How can I troubleshoot this? I know that bad venting can cause a radiator to stay cold, but it seems strange to me that the supply pipe is cold near the middle of the loop.

: Any help appreciated.

: Jason

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