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Tune-up problem

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Posted by Sean on November 02, 2005 at 00:32:23:

(Utica AP11377, Beckett AF11-150 installed about 15 years ago, it provides both home heating and hot water)

My Mom recently had a boiler tune up and cleaning done and I have some questions about it. After the service the boiler would take about 10 seconds to ignite and sometimes wouldn't ignite at all.

I have a basic understanding of the boiler and decided to check the electrodes. The points were worn and postioned well behind the nozzle tip. I repositioned the electrodes and that instantly resolved the problem.

When I had the gun off I noticed that the chamber was filled with reddish scale, the insulation was dettached from the wall, the circulation fins were blocked with carbon... it was basically filthy inside and out not to mention that there were screws missing and loose in various places. I wasn't happy and felt she was ripped off.

The new nozzle was a .75-80w when the boiler has a label calling for a .85-80b. I found out that 80w is apparently a universal one, but would like to know the differences between those nozzles in a bit more detail.

Thanks for any info about this.

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