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From Gravity to Pump = Gunk

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Posted by Ferna on October 03, 2005 at 00:04:28:

2 Years ago we replaced a 50 + yr old gravity furnace with a new, efficient Victory boiler. This unit includes power vent and a pump. Last winter came home from a week of vacatin to find the boiler cycling super fast and not reaching the temp set on the thermostat. Called pros. The service tech ordered us a new pump, but it was going to take a week for it to arrive. In the meantime he hit the pump with his big old pipe wrench and it kicked and spit and started pumping-- it was clogged with gunk. He said that the conversion from gravity to pump probably kicked up tons of gunk from the bottom of all the radiators, and it was clogging the pump

Now here's the question: He suggested that I drain the system before I fire it up this fall-- but I read postings here saying don't drain-- that I should keep the system closed. I know I added water to the system using the regular old fill valve last fall-- to get the pressure to 10-12 lbs; now I'm reading that I shouldn't need to add any water-- or if I do it will only add to the corosion. What's the real scoop on this? and if I need to drain, what's the right way to go about it?


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