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Oil boilers: elasomer seals or rigid push metal nipples?

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Posted by stan on September 27, 2005 at 14:30:59:

Hi all,

I am shopping for the new oil boiler with water heat, so I am in the middle of sales wars.

So far, I have heard presentations from the dealers who praised Crown Tobago boiler vs. Weil-Mcclain since these boilers have the rigid push metal nipples that join the sections. The dealer claims that they more reliable than the gaskets that are used in the Weil-Mcclain's WTGO and Burnham boilers.

Another dealer said that the Crown is the low-end boiler that tends to leak, and lasts about 5-7 years (according to his words). He sells Weil-Mcclain. The propaganda from the manufacturer praises the elastomer seals which allow the room of the expansion and contraction of the sections due to the heating and cooling.

So there are two different philosophies. My questions are:
- what type of the seals is more reliable - elastomer gaskets or push metal nipples?
- how often the systems with either, push metal nipples or elastomer gaskets leak? If they leak very rarely, should I be concerned about this sales propaganda?

Thank you.
- is the Crown Tobago boiler low-end indeed?

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