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Re: preheat water

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Posted by Lee Rider on September 11, 2005 at 11:57:21:

In Reply to: Re: preheat water posted by HeatPro on September 09, 2005 at 13:52:10:

: True. You should be getting back 210F water from the radiators after each cycle. There isn't much need to preheat the return water if you aren't adding cold water all the time. You could insulate the return piping to keep the water hot in it longer for little money. No need to install an $8000 wood boiler to heat fifteen gallons of return water an hour that already comes back hotter than the wood boiler would be able to heat it.

: Not too sure what learning the history of steam and all the problems that can go wrong and get fixed can do with this problem, but a new book for the shelf can be interesting reading.

Unfortunately, I have had the entire system checked out by the guys who installed the last boiler and everything checked out to their satisfaction. All lines are insulated both supply and return.

In January and February of last year, we went through over $1000 in natural gas each of those months which based upon our 9 year history with the house, is excessive. We thought there might be a leak somewhere. That's why we had the system checked out top to bottom. No leak and the boiler was working to specification. With NG prices expected to be much higher this year we had to do something. That's why we decided on the wood burner and radiant heat and using the steam as backup.

Thanks for your advice.

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