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Apparent boiler overtemp

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Posted by Todd on January 19, 2004 at 09:26:45:

I have a Weil-McLain HE-5 Series 2 boiler installed in a two zone system in my house. The zones have not been working properly since the system was installed, even though I have had two different heating companies come out to try to make it work.

The zone valves are Taco Model 571's. I have disconnected one of the zone valves and placed the level on the valve so that the valve is constantly open. The other valve is connected to the thermostat and is otherwise connected correctly, the best that I can determine.

While trying to understand how this all works, after doing some research, I noticed that my boiler ALWAYS reaches it overtemp limit whenever the thermostat calls for heat. What happens in this:
1. The thermostat closes
2. After a short period, the zone valve opens and causes the heater cycle to start
3. The boiler water temperature climbs until it reaches approximately 180 F., then the boiler shuts off.

I checked to make sure that both zone valves are actually open, and they are. I also checked the piping on both zones and it is definitely heating the pipes. I did not attempt to get a temperature reading on the pipes though.

In short, all indications are that the water is flowing through the system correctly. This being the case, it doesn't make sense to me that the boiler would always reach its apparent overtemp limit everytime the thermostat calls for heat.

This may have been happening for quite some time without my knowledge. I just noticed it while I was looking at other stuff. Since I don't know what "normal" operation is, I don't know whether or not this is a problem. It just seems odd that a system would be designed to reach it's apparent overtemp limit all the time.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Thanks much for any assistance. I greatly appreciate it.


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