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Leak in the system?

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Posted by Dan H on November 15, 2003 at 06:36:49:

Hot water boiler, 2 zone, Bryant, suspect to be 35 - 40 yrs old.

I've been filling my system daily for a few days. I've done this by filling my expansion tank about 1/2 way and then letting the supply water pressurize up the system to ~ 12 psig. (I suspect my regulator on my supply is bad so I have been closing a manual valve after filling). I believe I am putting several gallons in when I refill. Within hours the pressure is down to zero and stays there even when hot. After a day or so I start to hear gurgling in the radiators. There are no signs of leaking water anywhere around the boiler or any of the radiators. My concern though is that for the bottom zone, most of the piping is buried in the concrete pad of the house and it could be leaking there.

Sound like a leak or am I chasing the wrong thing? If it is a leak how do I find it? Since it sounds like a slow leak, is there anything I can add to the system that might help seal it? What about all the make up water I've been adding. Is that going to corrode my boiler?

One final question. I don't have any obvious way to bleed air out of my system. There are no bleeding valves on the radiators and no drains valves except on the boiler itself.

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