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Re: Still Clueless about Hydronic heat. Maintenance question

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Posted by Karen on January 09, 2004 at 18:16:15:

In Reply to: Re: Still Clueless about Hydronic heat. Maintenance question posted by Harold hydronicnetwork.net on January 09, 2004 at 11:40:39:

: : 1.Is the boiler we have the right one for the size of home we have?
: *** If the burner is not running constantly at night, so shuts off for some minutes of the hour in coldest weather, the boiler is the right size.

*:*:*Actually the temp outside is about 15 degrees above 0 and the boiler is running for about 10 or a little more minutes about every 40 minutes or so. One thing I wonder about is that the water temp cools way down between boiler runs. Does it take more fuel to heat it way back up again. However it doesn't make sense to keep it hot all the time when the thermostat isn't calling for heat. Just wondering.

: : 4. Do we need to be concerned about there being only 9lbs. of pressure in the boiler?
: *** IF you are not heating gurgling sounds and all the radiation gets warm, NO.

*:*:*I do not hear any gurgling sounds, only some sounds that I think are normal expansion and contraction sounds. A few clunks here and there too. But the radiators at the end of the line do not warm as much as the first ones. But this house has very long runs. Is that normal? Is there a possible solution to that?

: : I know that I am asking alot of questions but we know nothing about this system and are very worried that we have made huge mistake in purchasing this home.
: *** Check the LP prices. LP has about 93,000 btu per gallon. Oil has 140,000 btu per gallon compare the prices and heat value of LP to oil to see. A kilowatt of electricity is 3413 btu. A fuel cost comparison program is at:


*:*:* Ok, I will check. Being in the country we don't have much choice. It is either LP or Oil or Elec. This LP boiler was installed about 7 or 8 years ago when LP prices were low.

Another simple question.
*:*:* Does it help to insulate pipes? They run in basement which is unheated but probably stays above 55 degrees at least. And if so what do you isulate with? And do you insulate all the lines or just the main ones that go into radiators? This is a two pipe, copper pipe system. It sure seems like it will take alot of insulation.!!!!!!

Thank you again Harold for being so helpfull. Karen

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