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Put in another isolation valve?

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Posted by Mike C on May 17, 2005 at 10:52:08:

I am having work done on my residential boiler and I had the thought that since it is going to be drained, why not put in another isolation (ball valve) close to the wall were the return is coming in. The feed line already has one close to the ceiling. This way if any issues ever developed in the fittings, or boiler I would never have to drain that loop again. This particular loop is the largest one (most of the house). I could even replace the boiler without draining that loop since their is plenty of space to change piping after the two valves on feed and what would be a new valve on return side. My circulators already have isolation valves on both sides. Is this overkill to put in another one or good planning for the future? I know there is some thinking that less connections the better since there is less things to go wrong. If it's sweat on right, and a good valve it shouldn't cause problems correct? I think he may want to cut the pipe close to the wall anyway so I thought I might as well put the valve in since he is cutting it. There is another way to do it though without cutting so I may have a choice.
Opinions would be appreciated. The plumber is coming tomorrow. Thanks - Mike

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