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Re: replacement boiler price quote-HIGH?

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Posted by JeffD on April 21, 2005 at 08:03:12:

In Reply to: Re: replacement boiler price quote-HIGH? posted by bonzo71 on April 20, 2005 at 23:31:25:

: Thank you for the info jeff. There are holes in the outside shell/sheet metal. I've been told that the inside insulation may have been ripped at some point by a tech that was cleaning the unit. With the insulation missing, the heat ate away at the outside casing. It's currently covered with metal tape. Other than that, it runs fine and has never given me any trouble. I'm in no rush-heating season is over. Think Iíll take your advice and get some repair quotes alsoÖ

: I understand there may be little or no savings in fuel costs-I've been told oil prices are a factor of gas prices. I was thinking that if I'm going to replace might as well go with what I believe most people consider a more modern system-gas. Might help the place sell easier.


That insulation on the inside is called refractory. It's primary job is to reflect some of the heat away from the metal. Refractory kits can be installed, they can be had in what is called a wet kit. These are not that expensive to have put in. A few holes in the sheet metal is cosmetic only, as long as the boiler is not leaking, it's a good boiler. As to the savings issue, you still need to compare prices for both gas and oil. Depending on your region gas can run 10-20% higher than oil when adjusted for the difference in heat output. Check out the following link to compare different fuel costs to each other. http://www.riversidegasandoil.com/fuel_cost_info.htm

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