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HW Boiler Pressure Setting & Adjusting

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Posted by Peter R on December 23, 2003 at 16:10:30:

I recently bought a 3 year old home with hydronic heat, wood floors, in the mtns of Colorado. I am a serious DIYer with a background in engineering. I am trying to learn about it, tune it and maintain it. The system include a Crown ABF-210 boiler, Phase III TR 75 water heater; Tekmar 354, Aquastat L8148E, American air purger; Extrol #30.

Two questions (maybe three)

1. The boiler pressure gauage shows 20 to 22psi. I thought I was told pressure should be no more than 15 psi. Where can or how do I adjust it?

2. The Teckmar controller seemed to be set up very incorrectly, based on the Tekmar manual: it was set with a 150F max supply instead of 120F for hydronic with wood floors; it had a hear curve of 1.8 when the Tekmar chart shows a .75 curve; motor speed for the mixing value was set at 160sec when the controller test showed a 230sec speed to fully open the valve. Am I crazy? Is it just a function of knowing enough to be dangerous? I reset the Tekmar to: 120F max, .75 curve, 230sec motor speed. AND, hot spots in the floor are gone, tiles in the bathroom are not too hot to stand on, the temp does not overshoot at set point. How am I doing?

LASTLY: Where can I learn about this type of system: tuning, maintenance, proper setup?

THANKS and sorry for the long post.

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