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hot water back- up in steam return

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Posted by mike on February 14, 2005 at 13:13:17:

I have recently added 2 separate risers and 2 steam radiators to the end of one of two loops of a one pipe steam system. A furnace guy told me that the boiler was big enough to handle them.
Now I have 2 problems... #1 the pressuretrol wouldn't cut out at all, even though the pressure is set at 1/2lb cut in and 1lb differential.
What happened was the water level in the sight glass dropped down and the low water cut off would shut the boiler off. Then, the water gradually would come back into the sight glass and fill back up most of the way and then would drop back down again until the low water cut off shuts it off again. It continues doing this cycling and the pressuretrol never cuts out. So I replaced the pressuetrol with a new one (exactly the same model and set the settings the same). The exact same thing happens.
The water backs up the the return, as i had discovered when i opened up a union, and then the low water cut off shuts off the burner. Then the water returns back to the boiler and keeps cycling. The pressuretrol never cuts out and the last radiator doesn't heat up even though all the vents main and radiator work fine.

I need help..... any ideas?

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