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banging in boiler

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Posted by clem on January 30, 2005 at 11:43:23:

I had a complicated problem that I fixed but now I have a new problem. I had an amtrol improperly wired to my boiler, so that the aquastat kept the boiler water always hot, and the circulator pump turned on when the amtrol needed hot water. Then I rewired it so that the aquastat turns on the boiler only when the amtrol needs hot water (as opposed to the boiler maintaining its own hot water all day and nite). Next problem that occured almost immediately after rewiring: it took too long for amtrol to recover, and we were running out of hot water (3 family house). After consulting with Amtrol, bleed line and found that air had been stuck in the Amtrol coil for years. Hieght of top of Amtrol coil might have been above water level of boiler. Lowered water level of boiler,and no more problems with that. However, new problem that we never had, that occured right after bleeding Amtrol coil: loud banging inside boiler and cuasing steam risers to even vibrate. This happens only when the boiler makes hot water for amtrol, not when making steam to heat house. My friend thinks it is related to cirulator pump creating a vaccum inside boiler. I agree. The piping is 3/4" to circulator coming from bottom of boiler to amtrol and 3/4" back. There is a 3/4" ball valve on return line. mty friend says to use this as a throttle to reduce water pressure circulating. Any comments or suggestions. Thanks.
Next question: I used up about 400 gallons of oil over a 4 month period to provide hot water to 3 family house during last summer. At today's oil prices, this costed over $600.00. I am looking into the little electric instant hot water makers to install in each apt under the sinks, to provide hot water to each apt separately at each tenants' cost. Does anyone know the average annual cost per family for one of these (assume one bathroom, one kitchen, 3 persons in family). Any advice or comments. thanks.

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