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Vaillant VCW sine overheat cut-off problem

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Posted by Jonathan on January 28, 2005 at 08:33:16:

Hi, I have a Vaillant VCW sine Combi Boiler that occasionally (every 2-3 weeks for the last 2 months so far) overheats the water for the sealed system central heating (over 90 degrees by the temperature gauge) and then cuts out on the overheat cut-off. When I reset with the push switch on the control box everything is fine again. The Heating Engineer has been and he told me he has indentical symptoms on several other Vaillant boilers in the area. He mentioned that his other customers have found that if they notice the radiators are becoming very hot then by turning the heating off and back on again (even only briefly) on the timer clock (which is not a thermostat) the temperature comes back to normal. He has tried replacing various components on these boilers to effect a cure but without success so far, I can't put down the details of what he has tried but I will send him a link to this question and maybe he can provide further information if necessary. Vaillant have not been able to provided an answer for him with this 20 year old boiler. As extra information I can add that my boiler used to lose pressure, becoming zero after maybe 24 hours, and the Heating Engineer fixed this (again I don't know the details but can possibly get them) but coincidentaly(?) following this repair the over-heat cut-off problem first began. Any suggestions or a solution would be very welcome. Thanks, Jonathan.

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