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Unintended gravity system?

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Posted by Derek on January 07, 2005 at 07:34:58:


I installed a 3 zone (hot water, basement, and first floor)hydronic system in my old ranch house a few years back, no problems. I installed the exact same system in my next house which is a two story.
Burnahm boiler with 3 zones using taco catridge circulators on the feed side with check valves after the circulators. When any of the zones calls for heat everything works fine. The problem is that the 2nd floor feed side is always hot. Upstairs it is hot at the beginning of the loop and gradually cools off. My guess is that I created an unintentional gravity system. I turned off the power to the circulators to ensure it isn't running.
I have valves on each side the circulators. When I close the second floor only then the flow stops and things cool down.
I have been reading this website for years and don't remember ever encountering this problem.
I don't want to convert the entire system to zone valves as like the idea of multiple circulators.
I am wasting a lot of oil and the second floor heats up past where the thermostat is set.
Any suggestions will be wamly received.
Thank you

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