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Re: HB Smith old boiler/furnace instruction manual

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Posted by Mark on December 17, 2004 at 08:52:09:

In Reply to: Re: HB Smith old boiler/furnace instruction manual posted by HeatPro on December 17, 2004 at 08:42:49:

Their website doesn't tell anything. To know the procedures you need to know what is what and where it is. I read from this side this part and it seems that I have to call a specialist because how can I follow Service Procedures when I have no idea where to turn the boiler power off from, how to shut off the power, which valve on the bottom to open (there are more all around), which is the cold water line etc.

thank you

"Service Procedures
Dispose of the rust that is a natural result of air coming into the steam system after every cycle. If the boiler and the low water cutoff are not flushed of sediment, the low water cutoff will eventually hang up on the mud and perhaps cause a boiler failure. Turn the boiler power off and let the boiler cool. Be sure to wear cotton-lined rubber gloves and keep your hands out of hot water to prevent scalds. .

After the boiler has gone through its heating cycle and the burner is off, shut off the power and open the valve at the bottom of the boiler to flush out dirty water till clear water runs out into the pan or bucket. Add water slowly from the cold water line as needed to keep water above the bottom of the gauge glass.

Flush dirty water from the valve at the bottom of the low water cutoff . Refill the boiler until the sight glass is about 3/4 full. Do this weekly so the mud can not accumulate.

Drain the sight glass at least monthly for the same reasons. There are valve handles at top and bottom of the sight glass. Close the bottom hand valve knob. At the bottom of the sight glass fitting there is a small knob with some bumps that you can turn to drain the sight glass. Open the bottom hand valve after the water is out and the bottom sight glass drain valve closed to see if water rises in the glass. If water does not rise, the bottom valve passage is clogged and needs to be removed and cleared (best done by an experienced pro.) If the water does rise, it will probably be rusty, so you can open the bottom drain valve several times til the water runs somewhat clear. Don't forget to turn the power back on when you are done

A repairman should take the low water cutoff apart to manually scrape the walls of the low water cutoff clean and also clean the sight glass. This should be done yearly along with the combustion and chimney inspections."

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