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General boiler information (residential)

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Posted by Jim Pfaendtner on December 14, 2003 at 06:08:38:

Hi everyone,

I am on a condo board for a 12 unit condo building heated by a steam boiler. Anyway, we have just taken over control from the developer and are now responsible for maintaining the and operating the boiler.

My question is about general boiler operation. People in my building (myself included) don't have a lot of sound scientific knowledge about how to operate properly a boiler and right now we are degraded to a state where people who are cold or hot go adjust the pressure regulators on the boiler.

Here are a few questions:

1) Can you harm the boiler by overcontrolling and fiddling with the pressure setting too much?

2) If people in their units are opening and closing their valves on their radiators, can that disturb/harm the system by causing the pressure to fluctuate?

3) We have one boiler with two steam heads leaving it (one for each side of the building). There is a pressure control actuator on each head and both lead back to the boiler. People seem to believe that it is possible to have two different pressures in the boiler, thus making one side of the building hotter or colder. This is false, correct?

Thanks so much!

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