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Steam Boiler Overfilling!?

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Posted by Mike on December 04, 2004 at 09:03:34:

I have a Weil-Mclain gas-fired steam boiler which has had a problem with overfilling with water during the 'cool-down' phase. The water level stays where it is supposed to in the site-glass, (about a 1/3rd ways up the glass)during the 'heating phase', I've checked it several times, but when the bulding temperature reaches the point where the boiler shuts down it then proceeds to overfill,(upon observation afterwards). I have had the low-water cut-off/safety valve checked and cleaned and it seems to be working properly, ( keeps the water level steady and at the appropriate level after filling and during the heating phase). I have also drained the boiler several times and haveee had some cleaner/rust inhibitor in it before draining to see if that would solve the problem, (the water looks nice and clear), but with no luck so far! I'm wondering if there could be a problem with the pressure-regulator switches!? There are two of them hooked up to the low-water cut-off regulator switch. One is set at 3 psi and the other at about 7.5 psi. When the boiler has been heating for 3-4 hours the pressure gauge reads over 3 psi, (3.4-5) and may go considerably higher, since the room temperature on the thermostat still was well below its 'set-point'!? If anyone understands all this and has any idea why the boiler keeps overfilling, (water well above the top of the site glass and when drained, equals over 50 gallons), I would greatly appreciate the help. I've had two different plumber/boiler people look at it sveral times and they have helped with some issues but not this one!?

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