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Re: Making a single loop into two zones

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Posted by Weezbo on November 19, 2004 at 01:49:13:

In Reply to: Making a single loop into two zones posted by Boiler newbie on November 18, 2004 at 10:37:11:

: Is is possible to wire a circulator incorrectly? Or is it AC and doesn't matter? A new one was installed and need to hook up previous wires. There isn't any disctintion on the circulator's wires.

: My plumber put the expansion tank and circulators on the return side. Is that OK? it's a fairly small system.

: We split the original zone in two using a multiple series circuit design. Do I need a second "pump relay"? Do they make relays that control both zones? I have separate thermostats installed. The existing relay is a L8048 Honeywell.

: Based on the multiple series circuit design diagram on the site, it looks like there should be Flow Control Valves... I don't believe he put those in. Are they required? He says the circulators are designed to prevent this.

: Thanks for any input.

Are you speaking of Internal flow check pumps? Taco IFC's? the informations a little sketchy towrap my mind around it would be good to know you have heat first , so No the colour of the wire could be pasely and polka dots as long as you are dealing with normal house voltage one wire is hot one is N if one wire is say yellow then that is Hot if one is white then that is N ,often the wire to a pump is connected to something that shows C1 ,C2 or +,N or,line 1, N unlike three phase theres no way to get it to flow in reverse without physically turning the pump 180 degrees (end for end).More likely than not there is some problem if plugging the pumps wires into an extention cord thepump doesnt go..Air lock,melted impeller,broken or bound impeller or if the capacitor is burned out or the windings or drive clutch bearings something in the electrical side is Smoked..are both the new zones about equal?

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