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Re: Crown Aruba III Boiler rating/opinions?

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Posted by HeatPro on November 02, 2004 at 07:26:25:

In Reply to: Crown Aruba III Boiler rating/opinions? posted by Aaron on November 01, 2004 at 21:09:09:

There will be no anecdotal ratings for boilers, as it is not worthwhile to find a place on the web to post a blog on how nice the new boiler was or wasn't.

However, many boiler manufacturers now post their data on web sites on the web, Crown included.

At least they aren't telling people how much more efficient theirs is than other boilers, as they are almost all over 83% AFUE today. Their full listing of all their features is just something to impress people who aren't aware that every other boiler has the same or more features. One wonders why they have marketing managers; I guess they just enjoy making boilers and you have to say something to let them know you exist. I once told a VP that his marketing deliveries were repetitive and boring as a clue that it might take more effort to get noticed above the rest; he responded by remaining boring and getting rid of any competition that might say the same again. They have the presence to put up a good web site so as to waste less paper:

For Safety:
Can be installed directly on non-carpeted combustible floors
Fully assembled, ready for installation
Factory tested for flame quality, leakage, control system operation and overall performance
Combination high limit/circulator relay control regulates water temperature
Spill switch detects venting problems
Rollout switch detects heat exchanger blockage
ASME relief valve (set at 30 psi)

For Performance:
Cast iron heat exchanger with a lifetime limited warranty
Stainless steel burners with a lifetime limited warranty
Built-in draft hood fits in low spaces
Aquastat mounted directly into heat exchanger for improved response
Reliable Honeywell controls
Appliance quality, powder-coated jacket
Fiber-glass insulation to minimize wasteful heat loss
High performance circulator
Motorized vent damper reduces chimney losses
Temperature/pressure gauge
Drain valve

If you don't have these parts, you probably don't have a modern working boiler.

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