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One more question & Thanks HeatPro!

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Posted by John on October 16, 2004 at 10:17:31:

Got my weld together, thanks for the tip.

Now of course I have a different issue.

I can't get the system to bleed correctly. The circulator pump will prime momentarily, run for about 10 seconds, and then moans and groans, which tells me (I hope) that there is air in the system.

Last year I changed the circulator pump and was able to bleed the system. There are NO bleeder valves in the radiator system, not even at the high point, save for one on the expansion tank.

I was told by my local heating professional that I would have to force bleed the system by connecting a hose to the relief valve at the bottom of the boiler and allow outflow through one of the zone return relief valves. Being careful not to push it above 35PSI.

Now for some reason I cannot get it to flush all the air out. I've even connected my "relief hose" to all 4 zone return valves even though he said I would only have to do one.

As soon as the pump primes a bit and increases the pressure the emergency relief valve opens and starts spewing water which tells me to cut off the pressure I'm putting into the system.

Now that I've written a book, any ideas?

Thanks again in advance

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