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Re: Another aquastat question

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Posted by HeatPro on October 15, 2004 at 17:26:52:

In Reply to: Another aquastat question posted by lou on October 07, 2004 at 18:45:44:

: I see a ton of aquastat questions posted here but I cant seem to figure it out. I understand the high and low limit thing, but what exactly does the differential do?
>>>The differential is the different temperature allowance between the temperature the switch opens and closes. High limit differentials are usually subtactive, so the temperature goes to the high limit setting and the burner doesn't start again until the temperature drops down the number of degrees of the differential.

: I have a boiler with a tankless coil (My boiler makes my hot water) what should the differential be set at? The boiler seems to be cycling too often set at 15, with no call for heat or hot water.
>>>The differential is often set at 20F. You can change it to suit the system.

: The temp gauge on my boiler must be off because if i set my aquastat at 180/160 the boiler gets 200 degrees plus.
>>>That can be because of the location of the thermostat at the coil also. It isn't always the exact same in different boilers.

: and a totaly different question...I just installed a second zone on my boiler for my new second story, and without the circulator being on the pipes and baseboard on the second floor seem to always be hot. i put a brand new flow valve and circulator on this zone...I dont get it, it doesnt happen on the first floor.
>>> In some piping arrrangements, the gravity flow can be such that when the flow is started by the circulator, the flow doesn't stop after the circulator stops; especially when in a second and third story. A balancing valve adjusted to provide some extra resistance. a second flow control, or a zone valve in the line are some of the compensations for the occasional circumstance.

: Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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