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Boiler heat stays on

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Posted by Eduard M. on May 16, 2004 at 10:56:54:

I have a problem since about 3 days ago. We are using a Vaillant VHR-C (combi water + heater) boiler which was installed last year. Unfortunately the installer won't be around for days because they're always slow to respond to problems, so I'm trying to figure this out myself.

We have the thermostat set low at 18 celsius, it's been set like that for months now. All of a sudden the heat started to turn on and the temperature will go up to 22 celsius, which is very hot inside the house. The only way to turn it off is to set the thermostat at 15 but then there's no hot water.

I checked the boiler and did a reset. On reset it shows code "U 0.6" which is not in the manual (they only show E and F codes). Then it shows the status codes, 0, 1, which look fine. In the "d" modes I tried setting d05 to 1, which should turn off heating and only produce hot water. The setting doesn't do anything and the heating still goes on. However I noticed that status code 5 never comes on, which should go on when heating is on. However 7 does come on, indicating the "pump" is active. I would assume this is what produces the heating flow through the units. Could the problem be with a valve or the thermostat itself? Are there any tests that I could do to confirm what is wrong?

I've also tried unplugging in and plugging it back in to no avail. Any help would be appreciated if you've seen similar problems before.

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