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Re: Peerless Pinnacle boiler

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Posted by Harold hydronicnetwork.net on April 17, 2004 at 16:19:05:

In Reply to: Peerless will not honor Warranty on new Pinnacle boiler posted by td on April 16, 2004 at 19:10:20:

The usual cause of short-cycling is inadequate water flow, where the boiler input is larger than the water flow can take the heat in the water out.

Take a thermometer and place it on the pipe leaving the boiler while covering it with some insulation to get a good reading and to protect your hands while you wait for the thermometer to level out as the boiler runs. While the boiler is still running, put the thermometer on the pipe going back into the boiler. It doesn't really matter which pipe you do first, just subtract one temperature from the other and get the difference. The water should not be greater than 30F degrees difference between them. If it is more, it is not the boiler; it is the circulator and piping. (One reason why an installer won't come back.)

As the boiler is running; I doubt it is a problem boiler control. You won't get much help further than this until you are able to tell how much heat your entire house needs, the sizes of the pipes the water flows through, and the longest pipe distance that the water has to run through.

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