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Re: Heatmaker Hw-M2 Series

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Posted by BANS on April 14, 2004 at 08:57:22:

In Reply to: Re: Heatmaker Hw-M2 Series posted by Bob on February 02, 2004 at 05:59:12:

: : This morning our heat would not come on even though the thermostats were calling for heat. We have a Heatmaker hot water and baseboard heat which is probably about 15 years old. It will not heat our domestic water or baseboard water. This happened last year when we had the cold snap in January. I have inspected the vent pipe outside for obstruction, turned off the gas and turned back on. Bled the lines, etc.

: : When I turn off the power and turn back on, 30 seconds later the blower comes on and there is some clicking. It stays on for 10 seconds and goes back off. I've done this with the thermostats calling for heat and with the hot water faucet on and it will not heat water.

: : When this happened last year, it just started working again after two days.

: : Does extremely cold air have anything to do with it? The manual has some things regarding the stack switch not working correctly and cross conamination in the combustion chamber creating a "lockout". It seems that the thing won't stay on because it is sensing a problem or something. It's 10 degrees out and I'd like to take a hot shower. Can anyone solve this?

: : Thank you!
: Having a similar problem with my trianco boiler. The boiler is 12 years old. The downstairs zone works fine, but when the upstairs calls for heat, the boiler will try to come on but shut down after it hits the valve/flame stage. I replaced the thermostat - same problem. Replaced the motorized valve - same problem. If I take the wires to the thermostat and tie them together the furnace willl fire. I've also found that if you goose up the thermostat to a higher setting the boiler will fire. Everything points to a thermostat problem, but I switched the downstairs and upstairs stats and still got the same results. My plumber and I are trying to figure out what the problem is from here and like you said it may have something to do with the stack switch. Like you, this didn't start until it got very cold out. As for your domestic hot water, we had a problem with this right from day one. We solved it by installing a separate
: hot water heater, using the boiler domestic hot water as a pre-heat. Seems that no matter what we did to get hot water out of this monster, nothing worked. We installed the water heater 6 years ago and I haven't taken a cold shower yet. These trianco boilers are dogs!

I would be interested in knowing what configuration was used to add the extra hot water heater...I am planning on doing the same sort of thing soon. Are you simply running the domestic use hot water output from the Heatmaker boiler into the new hot water tank and letting the new tank maintain the heat or are you using the new tank as a storage tank and adding a pump into the loop? (this is what was suggested to me, but it seems overly complex...but I am not a mechanic).


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