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Re: Pungent Smell

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Posted by Terry on March 31, 2004 at 08:20:16:

In Reply to: Pungent Smell posted by Betty on March 29, 2004 at 09:42:30:

Betty: DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH THIS ! Get the building owner informed immediately or call in the local fire department. This can be a potentially fatal situation. You characterized it as an exhaust smell. That's good enough for me. I have had mixed results with CO detectors. The environment and location they are installed into can lead to them missing detectable levels. Something is wrong with the building. Don't let it kill you. Get help immediately.

I've been living in the same apartment for the last 8 month and out of the blue a strange smell..sort of an exhaust smell... has been ememineneting from one room. Turns out that there is a chimney on the other side of the wall...part of the ajoining apartment building next door (the apartment buildings are row homes). The strange thing is I do not smell the fumes regularly as you would imagine the case would be if it was the boiler tunrning off and on all day. The other strange thing is that I am the only aparment effected. No one else in the building has been complaining.
: I have placed a carbon monoxide detector in the room and it is not going off thankfully. but I am concerned about the smell...whatelse could it be? Can it be dangerous?

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