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Gas valve is stuck?

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Posted by George Murray on March 16, 2004 at 05:54:38:

My hot water boiler for my house stopped working.
The house is vacant. A Realtor hired a "guy" to fix it. He replaced a part - Thermocouple?? I don't know.
But, the thermostat still does not trip the gas valve to open in the boiler.
The gas valve in question is a "silent valve" covered by a metal cover that says "Silent valve."
When I take off the cover, I see the thermostat wires on the left. Then, going to the right, there is an assembly which has the valve going down into the gas line, attached to what looks like a "leaf spring." There is also a "catch" piece of metal which is for the purpose of holding the valve (open or closed, I'm not sure.) The problem appears to be where the "leaf spring" pivots on its right side to open the gas valve.(I actually do not know what this piece of metal is called - it looks like several pieces of flat metal attached to the gas valve to make the valve open.)
Several days ago, I loosened a screw slightly that attached the metal plate to the "leaf spring" at its pivot, and it opened (the gas valve. However, it still does not open by itself. I continued trying to loosen or adjust the screw each day. It would open, but still not by itself.
Today, I tapped the pivot and the gas valve opened.
And today, I left the "Silent Valve" cover off of the assembly thinking maybe it was "too hot" inside for some reason and therefore the "temperature related leaf spring thingy" was not opening the valve because it thought it was hot enough.
What is my problem and how do I fix it?

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