national gas boiler hot h2o sys

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Posted by john cook on November 15, 2001 at 10:55:16:

I have a national gas radiator boiler with cast iron radiators. What I know about this system is what I have learned from observing and monitoring its operation. While I was replacing some water lines in the basement discovered that the fill lines to my boiler were clogged. I have only owned the house since '92 and the system has operated ok. I have replaced all the glogged lines and cleaned/bench set the regulator. The regulator had a 12 psi tag attached, and I set it accordingly. Additionially, the sys has an expation tank w/30 psi relief. After the plumbing was completed, the sys was drained, refilled and bleed. My questions are these. 1. At 12psi cold or static pressure what should my pressure be at operating temp? The highest temp I have witnessed is about 175 deg. The is a high temp limit switch in the tank which is set at 180. 2. Should I add any water treatment to the sys. I don't think the sys had been drained in several years, the house was built in '37 but this is not the original boiler. Should I drain/refill yearly? 3. I am planning on sandblasting and refinishing the radiators. What type of seals are between the individual segments and could they be damaged by blasting? Thanks in advance for your help. There is no one locally that knows anything about a sys like this, so I'm on my own but plugging away, hopefully in the right direction.

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