steam radiators and valves

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Posted by Tim on November 14, 2001 at 16:36:20:

I would like to get the old steam radiators cleaned up. I would like to have the old paint removed and then repainted. I have not been able to find anyone to do this. Is there a company that specializes in restoration? I can move the radiators moved outside if this is an on site service. I live in Pontiac, Michigan.
I have removed the radiators from the valves to have some plaster work done and have notice that the angle valves leak. These are bronze valves and I can't get the screwed bonnets off to replace the composition disk. Also I can't find anyone with the parts. The system is 75 years old single pipe with the original 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” radiator valves and 5 year old vent valves. The boiler is 15-year-old boiler. The system works well. Does anyone know who or how to have the radiators reconditioned in this area, how to get the screwed bonnets off and where I can find the necessary parts. As for the valve manufacture I’m not sure. The hand wheel says Detroit Radiator Company. The valves themselves have a “logo” on the side that is strange looking. An open circle with 2 open angles inside the open circle. This could be a stylized D with a V perhaps???
This is wordy but I can’t find much help calling and talking with plumbing and heating supply places. Thanks


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